A workshop on inclusive rural Development was organized by National Rural Network management unit on February the 15th (2018). The workshop dealt with the proposal of national rural CERMI and involved the State Committee of Representatives of Persons with disabilities, member of the Assembly of the National Rural Network and part of the state coordinator of NGO of Social action.

The National Rural Network has an action plan for every year (in the 2014-2020 period) based on activities proposed by all the Network members. The management unit of this network belongs to the rural Innovation and modernisation General Secretary with National Government. This unit is the MAPAMA team (Agriculture, Fisheries and environment Ministry) which coordinates the proposal and assesses their key comply with the objectives and the actions plan of the Network. The proposal for a workshop conducted by the State Committee of Representatives of People with disabilities (CERMI) is framed in this context.

The aim of the workshop was to know the benefits of innovative and cooperative work to achieve best possible rural development. ECM Ingeniería Ambiental participated in “The new sources of employment” session, by bringing his experience as expert and advisor of SALARCA group on the Innovative Production in tree nurseries and Sustainable Forest Management.

All videos from presentations in the workshop are available in the National Rural Network website.

Link to ECM participation.